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About Bob

Robert (Bob) Davies practices TEAM CBT therapy with adults. (See link below). Bob is a registered counselling therapist at the Master’s Level who has been a certified counsellor for 26 years.


Most recently from  2018 to 2023,  Bob has supported adults with their struggles with workplace stress, phobias, social anxiety, bad habits, addictions, depression, workplace stress, burnout, procrastination,  perfectionism, trauma and communication skills. 

 Bob  finds that his ten year's experience  as a school counsellor taught him that emotional  pain is very much the same no matter the age difference. He realizes that each individual understands their pain in a unique fashion. So, he has no-size-fits-all approach; each person has to be understood from their particular perspective using TEAM CBT therapy accordingly.   

Bob has been a professional helper since 1976, more than 46 years. He enjoys coaching individuals in handling their negative emotions in order to get 'unstuck'. He credits his four years studying  philosophy, his many years of teaching as well as his varied work experience from  across Canada in helping him to counsel. 

In fact, Bob  has worked in education, banking, landscaping, restaurant-work as short order cook/waiter, retail as bookstore clerk, shipping-receiving, Canada Post, hardware/auto parts, transportation, construction, bilingual posiitons within the federal public service, iron ore mining and as a civilian with the Department of National Defense. Bob is even a published author with three chapter books to his credit from the Adapted Louis L'Amour Short Story Series: A Trail to the West, Merrano of the Dry Country and Lit a Shuck for Texas. 

Bob has also a much lived Canadian experience and perspective having had homes as well as having worked in the Yukon, the North-West Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Labrador as well as Newfoundland.

Mostly, he credits his clients for making all the changes that brought balance back into their lives; and he especially credits the powerful tools of TEAM CBT Therapy in this transformation.

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